Your Blog Just Threw Up On My Internets

Dear Home Viewers:

I know you're excited. You've just signed up for your WordBench or BlogPop account and you're ready to tell the world just what you think of that mean 'ol Simon Cowell.

And, being the Tweeter fiend that I am, I want to read your blog and pass on a bit of digital karma, I really do.

But if you want people to actually read your content, you're going to have to present it in a way that's not so, how do you say, "BBbllaaaaaaaaaaAAAaarrrggg Ffflllaaaamm PPLLlooof!"

Honestly, some of the blogs I've seen while flitting through Tweeter look like somebody shook a can of warm Web-Cola and opened it all over my monitor.

While modern art and film may seek to challenge the eye, a page of text should probably not be rendered like a Jackson Pollock painting.

In fact, you should consider formatting it to look something like the text we've come to know and love over the last 2,000 years or so; that is to say coherent, punctuated blocks of information.

I know too well the temptation to cram ads, widgets, links, feeds, photos, vids, and tweets into every cranny of your site. But while the page may look full and dynamic to you, most will just scream in terror and click away as fast as possible, potentially missing that great bloggy nugget you've buried within.

So let's keep it clean out there, and remember: nobody cares what you think unless you're from, or have starred in the film "Dude, Where's My Car?"

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