This Is Why Nobody Cares About Modern Classical Music

Don't get me wrong. I'm all about stupid Internet videos. Without them, the Web would be nothing but porn and Ebay, porn and Ebay.

A favorite among Meme enthusiasts like myself has been Nora the Piano Playing Cat. This video combines the two things required for viral reach: a cute girl (i.e. Nora), and some slammin' tunes.

Great. Fantastic.

But now, some dude has gone and composed a piece of symphonic music around Nora's feline stylings. The results, snarkily dubbed "CATcerto," are impressive:

This is, of course, a huge win for the composer, cats in general, and old cat ladies with blogs.

The reason it's so awesome is because the piece sounds as good as any modern composition you'd hear at Carnegie Hall. Except, it was "written" by a cat, LOL!

This got me thinking, as most cat videos do:
If a cat sitting on piano keys sounds just as good as most modern symphonic compositions, perhaps our species has failed at music.

We were doing OK for a while. Bach gave us those delightfully intricate patterns. Mozart's genius melodies made math look beautiful. Beethoven kicked the door in with Romantic fortitude. And The Beatles served up songs that could not be confined to any one generation.

But lately? It's all about atonality, randomness, and non-melodies that usually elicit the response: "Wow. That was...something."

Dadaists, Modernists, Impressionists: Your experiments are appreciated, but we'd like music to be pretty again, thanks.

As for Nora, kudos on your meteoric rise to fame. It's obvious your long hours of practice have paid dividends. On behalf of my species, thanks for making us look like tone deaf idiots.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I hate "modern" "classical," or however you want to describe it. I also hate cats. This sounds better to me than any classical music composed in the past 100 years.

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