Do you love to laugh, but hate the non-rainforest-destroying qualities of the Internet?

Do you despise the infinite amount of superior free content available to you 24/7 online and prefer instead to pay for heaps of obsolescent home-clutter?

Then have I got an offer for you!

Behold what I received in my...what's that thing called...mailbox!

This thing is choc-full of syndicated funny from the golden age of print, including columns from Dave Barry (who retired in 2004) and cartoons not drawn by Gary Larson or Bill Watterson.

But this...what's the word...newspaper is only a sample issue! To really get the funny rolling, you should take advantage of this great offer:

Only then can you have access to comedy gold like this:

Because technology is stupid.

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree, I don't think this internet thing will catch on anyway, and what kind of an over-inflated ego is required to think people might actually be interested in reading a blog? This newspaper is just what the world has been waiting for, a return to decent, moral values, as indicated by the cartoon you don't have to be rude to be really really funny. I have printed this to pass to all my friends who refuse to use email, so that they can share in my new found joy. Thank you Matt for a marvellously enlightening article. Yours in humour, Mark.

Paul Eulette said...

LOL "Because technology is stupid." ...I mean naturally, a newspaper is the best way to promulgate your message to the world of 7-billion-people. Especially with an offer like that, why the hell would I use anything else. :)

Greg said...

I think that cartoon has been submitted to my magazine. (Yes, print; no, not my fault.) I hope we rejected it.

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