James Cameron on AVATAR: It's Complicated

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Unless you're a deep Hollywood insider, the new film by James Cameron called "Avatar" may have flown under your radar. Here at The Sick Burn, we like to spotlight great indie flicks and generate exposure for emerging filmmakers.

I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Cameron via Twitter about his new project.

james cameron twinterview image

Unfortunately, our connection was lost there, but I'm sure this was enough to whet your appetite. So get out there to that cramped, dirty little indie theater and try to catch the new film "Avalon." I hear Billy Baldwin totally kicks ass in it.

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cbmccullough said...

Great get.

Anonymous said...

I think you are the most idiotic interviewer I've see yet. How'd a nutcase get that job? If this is what Hollywood has come to then I volunteer to keep my butt at home during first week premieres. WHAT AT DWEEB! YOu could have a least asked him why he stole Sophia Stewards script, the 'Terminator' and then covered it up by not acknowledging her.

Mark William Jackson said...

Sorry Matt, I have to agree with the brave person behind the anonymous tag, you did not get into the serious questions regarding why he has two given names, I was looking for an in depth interview with possibly the greatest director since the guy who did Porky's Revenge, but instead you left me wondering who would win a fight between Meryl Streep and Sissy Spacek, and would anyone pay to see it? I'm sorry, Matt, but as far as a Hollywood Insider goes, you should stick to Tepanyaki cooking. Well done Anonymous, stand up and take a bow.

Marissa said...

Did you really just get that anonymous comment???

Why didn't you ask him what Leo is like in real life? My 13-year-old self is dying to know.

Sage said...

I think that was... worth it.

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