Imagining a World Without Justin Bieber

It's hard work being a Trending Topic on Twitter 24/7, but Justin Bieber's no slacker. He's likely up at the crack of noon every day, doing whatever it is that pubescent Canadians do; mostly just being awesome.

But think about all the deserving topics that don't trend on Twitter simply because Justin Bieber (or "The Bieb," as I've come to know him) marches unflinchingly forward in his ruthless quest for Internet subjugation.

I posed this thought experiment to my six Twitter followers:

And they responded in kind:

via @William Herbert

via @YA_RLY

via @thekelliejane

via @_doodlebop

via @AronKyle

In reference to Jonathan Taylor Thomas, God rest his soul, via @LaurenLaCapra

via @DaveHarper1888

Clearly, there are a lot of pressing issues that are not being addressed on Twitter because of Justin Bieber's unceasing charm! What can be done?

Well, as John Lennon once said, "Imagine there's no [Bieber]. It isn't hard to do."

But whatever you do, don't get all freaked out about it like this crybaby.

Special thanks to @Erica327 for bringing this video to my attention.

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1 comment:

cbmccullough said...

Brian knows just what this girl is going through. He just wants Bieb to be in this family!!!!

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