Things I Don't Care About: Cars!

Car Ad ImageThis is the part of the show where I go on incessantly about something I have no interest in. Ironic, I know.

Self-diagnosis: I'm "Car Blind." Whether you're driving a new Toyota Escalade or a Volkswagen Prius, I can't tell the difference, nor do I care to.

I'm all about aesthetics, but cars just bore me. I have no interest in how they look or drive, as long as I'm still alive when I get to Dave & Buster's.

I also have no idea how they work. When people get all knowledge-talky about things like cylinders, horsepower, and steering wheels, I nod generously and reply, "Yeah, she sure has an engine alright."

I mean sure; are cars better than walking and horses? Probably. But I'm just not into the Jay Leno-style fetishism. Throw some tires and an outboard motor on a palette of milk crates and I'm good to go.

Unless we're talking about the 2010 Audi A8. That shit is dope.

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cbmccullough said...

I really like your "share this crap" buttons.

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