The McSilvers Went to Africa and All You Got Was This @%!#$! YouTube Video

OK, so it's not technically a YouTube video. The Great Google (hallowed be thy name) would not let me to upload a vid so chock-full of copyright infringement jammin' tunes.

*Shakes fist at Universal Music Group*

Go ahead and watch our vacation video, in which we gallivant around Johannesburg and Cape Town in the wake of the World Cup. It's kind of like The Amazing Race, but without the racing, and more penguins.

Oh, and there's a part where a zebra drives a go-kart through a swirling hoop of fire.*

*Metaphorically speaking

Need more? Check out a few of Lauren's pics.

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Allison said...

I wanna stop whaling, but I ain't givin out my email!

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