THIS CANNOT BE REAL: A Missed Connections Site for the LIRR

Spotted a fresh advertisement as I disembarked from my commute this evening. It was a poster for SYOTT [dot] com, which stands for "Saw You On The Train," obvi.

It's a website where you can connect with that stranger you saw across a crowded car but couldn't introduce yourself to because your face was wedged snugly into someone else's armpit.

Naturally, I took note of the site and plugged it into my trusty Internet Machine when I arrived home.

What's that, Internet Machine? An Unverified Domain Certificate? I shouldn't proceed to this website, as it may be harmful to my...what's that thing called...Internet Machine?

Fuck that, I'm in charge here.

I proceeded, and as I gaped at the very maw of Internet Hell itself, this is what I beheld:

Now, you're probably thinking, "Matt, it's obvious you've traveled back in time to 1994, visited a website, and returned to the present to blog about it. You should probably talk to a scientist to make sure you haven't unfurled the time-space continuum."

To that, I reply, "No. This is fucking real, O'Malley." (Your name in this scenario is O'Malley, just go with it.)

So I signed up and placed an ad for my future soul mate.

Saw you on the 6:24 last night, car 7521. Would love to get to know you better.

Me: Strong silent type, brown hair, blue eyes, Ric Flair t-shirt, huge pecs, looking for friendship first, more if things go well. Likes Twitter and long walks from my computer to my other computer.

You: Husky, off-putting. You wore a kick-ass jean jacket and shouted into your phone with an accent that could only be described as "fiercely abrasive." You like crunching incessantly on a bottomless sleeve of train station popcorn while you shove the elderly into the gap so you can have first crack at the window seat.

I love you.

No response yet, but it looks like the site's user base is steadily growing. When I was signing up, they had zero, and now they have one.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


If you type
then you won't get any messages
about the certificate.
You should revisit the site.

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